Three Years in the Making


Three years ago, we started what we believed was a small interior renovation of a penthouse apartment downtown. As the project developed, the scope increased significantly; a second phase was added with a new glass enclosed stair, bedroom addition, and rooftop terrace. For the past several weeks everyone has made an incredible push to complete the interiors in time for the client's arrival. The family spent their first night in the apartment last week. Towards the end, we were in the apartment every day and the site was overflowing with different trades. It is reminiscent of the joke about how many people you can fit into a small space.

As a young professional, I have worked on projects at various phases of development and construction. This is the first one that I have managed from start to finish though. It has been exciting to watch three years of work come together. While we have more than a month to go on the exteriors and some touchups inside, having the client able to stay in the apartment marks a very proud milestone.

It has been great working with everyone on this project. Many thanks to Hage EngineeringSouthport Engineering AssociatesKeech GreenElectronic LifestylesMaximo PropertiesSilverLining Interiors

We also appreciate all of the help from Michael Zenreich ArchitectsKM Associates of NYShading SystemsJayne H Baum GalleryDewhurst MacFarlane and PartnersDGA Security SystemsSandra Greer Real Estate, Inc. Dunne Projects

It may go without saying, but thanks to everyone at Loci for helping to make this project a success!

Posted by Emily Danzinger-Willemsen