Our Design Approach

Through a thoughtful design process and always in collaboration with our clients and stakeholders, we produce creative solutions that add value while meeting a project’s objectives. Most of our work is with repeat clients because we care about our relationships and respect our clients’ aspirations, budgets, and schedules. When a project commences, we gather information, clarify roles, and develop a responsibility matrix. Milestones for deliverables are established, informing us on how to manage the project’s work flow. Integrating these strategies into the creative process enhances our mission to design richer, more dynamic places in considered, intelligent ways.


Firm Culture

A successful design practice creates a working environment that is relaxed and inspirational, yet focused on providing the best possible service to its clients. We are skilled designers, architects, and managers with diverse backgrounds who support a collaborative workplace. Each new team member is assigned a mentor who introduces them to the office culture and process. This relationship continues throughout the full term of employment and gives the entire staff insight, training, and a voice in the growth and success of our firm.


Our Mission

Many people ask us about our name. To us, it best reflects what we seek to achieve in our work: revealing the distinctive character of a place that leaves an impression in one’s mind. Sustainable design is now a core value of our industry and it is virtually impossible to build a project without a component that has been redesigned due to its environmental impact. As designers we share our expertise with clients and promote resource stewardship in our daily operations. As citizens we participate in community and government efforts that support restoration, preservation, and responsible development. One of our founding principles was to design healthy, beautiful spaces and buildings; over twenty years later, it continues to be our mission.