Design Philosophy


Design Philosophy

Many people ask us about our name. To us, it best reflects what we seek to achieve in our work: revealing the distinctive character of a place that leaves an impression in one’s mind. With our commitment to designing a better city and engaging with communities, our goal is to plan, create, restore, and build places that are part of the social fabric – we want to improve them and enrich where we live, work, learn, and teach through thoughtful design.

Our clients are partners in the creative process and we work closely with them to make their experience as fulfilling as possible. Often we meet with them after the completion of a project for a “retrospective” look at the project and its challenges – this feedback has been critical to our success with continuing relationships and starting new ones.

As we have grown, we have hired key personnel with diverse expertise and backgrounds. We assign staff to projects based on their experience and a careful alignment of their design and management skills with each client’s vision and the project’s complexity. Project teams are maintained from the beginning of design through project completion. We conduct frequent internal peer reviews and hold in-house seminars to stay abreast of current and emerging technologies, risk management techniques, and best management practices.

We are strongly committed to local, regional, and global environmental issues that are affected by our design strategies. To help reduce the impact on our natural resources, we merge elegant solutions with appropriate sustainable technologies.

New York City and its surroundings are changing, offering new challenges to how we exist in the context of 21st century society. New demands are being placed on us to think about how we can restore our natural and built environments. Loci is fully committed to creating richer, more dynamic places that respond to these demands in considered, intelligent ways.